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At ASD, our carefully designed programs prepare students academically and socially at every level.


Kindergarten is where strong foundations are built for a lifetime of learning.  Through purposeful play children develop their verbal, social and cognitive skills.  Teachers encourage them to enquire and explore the world around them.  From building with blocks to playing pretend our aim is to have happy, thriving children. 

Elementary School

In elementary, we work on cultivating a sense of friendship and community in the classroom. Teachers and returning students welcome newer students to the school through a student mentoring program that helps them integrate with their peers. They gradually gain their independence as they navigate new relationships in a safe environment.

The focus at this stage is on building children's self-confidence and self-advocacy through active learning; they analyze and question, take risks and learn from failure in a supportive environment. They express themselves through writing, presentations and discussions. Along with the core curriculum subjects of Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies, our students have regular classes in PE, Art, Music, Arabic and visits to the school library. 

Middle School

ASD has a distinctive middle school philosophy that meets the educational and social needs of young adolescents.  Our program maintains a balance between curricular and co-curricular activities while keeping in line with recognized American standards. This balance also helps us guide our students through these years of significant social, physical, emotional and cognitive development. 

In middle school, students also learn to develop caring relationships, to take on more responsibility and to reflect on their learning and growth.  They learn about teamwork, academic integrity, and begin to participate in community service.