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American School Dhahran (ASD) is a not-for-profit, Kindergarten to Grade 12, international school serving the American community and the needs of the diverse international population in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. ASD offers an American standards-based curriculum capped by either the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or a wide range of AP courses.

At ASD we are driven by our mission, ‘We inspire innovation and compassionate action.’ Throughout their lives, our children will need to find innovative solutions to problems in a rapidly changing world. They will also need to act compassionately to ensure that the world they create is peaceful and humane.

ASD teachers believe in collaborative planning practices and designing courses based on standards instead of textbooks. This innovative approach creates student-centered classrooms and develops “learner agency”, which is a student’s confidence to take control of his or her own learning.

From the earliest grades, ASD students are encouraged to be active learners. They analyze and question, take risks and learn within a supportive environment. Agency and autonomy increase as they progress, and students are given ample opportunities to grow through an exciting range of enrichment programs, after school activities and leadership opportunities. We offer a broad range of courses and, in the high school years, a carefully tailored college-prep program.

At ASD, we view our community as a family of educators, students and parents working together to inspire innovation and compassionate action.