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Custodian Drive Gift Cards!

Hello ASD!

We once again want to thank you for your donations for the custodian drive, and that we are opening another donation session for 50 SAR Lulu gift Cards! Donate gift cards for our Custodians so we can give them a proper thanks for everything they do for us! Cash is also accepted, and would be greatly appreciated! 

Student Council will be accepting donations from December 5th-9th

Here are the details for dropping off any donation: 

High School: Ms. Princess 

Middle School: Ms. Jensen

Elementary School: Your Homeroom Teacher

If you have any questions or concerns about the Custodian Drive or these donations, please email 

A poster is attached below with all of this information as well! We hope you participate and help us make this Custodian drive successful! 



Your STUCO Secretary :)