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On May 18, ASD successfully hosted the first ever TEDx Youth conference at the new campus.  This  was the culmination of one year of dedicated effort, organized by a team of students led by senior Omar and advised by Mrs. Alicia Gerber. 

Dr. Mack presented a keynote speech welcoming TEDx guests from within and beyond the ISG community, presenting the very values that ground ISG students in their dedication towards initiatives like TEDx.

The conference featured US diplomat Mr. André Cadieux and ASD principal Mr. Caldwell, who presented TEDx talks on The Power of Diversity and 4 Rules for School and Life, respectively.  They were joined by seven meticulously-selected high school student speakers.

A wide array of perspectives, ideas and discussions filled the stage as the students delivered talks on the topics of What Does Extinction Mean for Us?, The Key to Relationships, The Impact Artificial Intelligence Has on Education, and more.

All of these talks will be published on the official TEDxYouth channel on YouTube and will become accessible to TEDx’s 38 million subscribers.

The conference ended in the evening with a great sense of warmth and enlightenment as these talks provoked insightful discussions.  It also marked the last day of school for the seniors organizing the initiative and was a joyful way to celebrate the end of their time as students ASD.