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The ASD Middle School Concert featured the Beginning Band performing their 2nd concert in front of an audience, demonstrating their improvement over just a few short months.  The focus of this concert was to play more as an ensemble instead of as an individual as they continue to grow as musicians.  The Concert Band performed 4 selections for their portion of the concert.  The highlight of the program was a difficult piece entitled “High Voltage” that required most of the students to learn new techniques and also featured various sound effects on a soundboard. 

The ASD HS Concert featured quite a variety of performing ensembles, including the Jazz Band performing six selections of various styles.  The music included selections from musicals, movies and classic songs from the 70s and 80s. The Concert Choir performed 4 selections quite well, including singing in multiple parts with various harmonies.  They concluded their portion of the program with a terrific rendition of “Stand Up” from the musical Harriet.  

The Vocal Ensemble performed three selections.  They performed their final piece, Duel of the Fates from the third movie in the Star Wars Series by John Williams, with the High School Concert Band.

The High School Concert Band ended the program with five selections of their own, finishing with a terrific arrangement of the theme from the Avengers. 

Congratulations to all the performers on a terrific concert and a successful first year in the music department on our new campus!

Thanks to Mrs. Katherine Ham and Mr. Ned Fortescue for their unwavering effort with our musicians this year.