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On Tuesday May 16, ASD held their annual Sports Awards to commemorate their students and the entire athletics program, in an atmosphere filled with fun and celebration. 

Awards were presented to each team for the following :

  • Impact award - The student athlete who over the course of the year has made big impacts in terms of performances in competition. 
  • Dedicated award - The student athlete who has been the most committed and consistent during the season in terms of attendance, performance and who leads by example.
  • Most valuable player - This goes to the student athlete who exemplifies all the attributes ASD wants to see in student athletes as well as excelling in competition and practice.
  • The athletes of the year - These awards went to student athletes who have contributed significantly in multiple sports throughout the year. 

The statistics below summarize the 2022-23 athletics program at ASD: 

  • 396 - high school students involved in athletics practices. 
  • 100%- participation in SAIKAC core events.
  • 8- ISG Jamborees
  • 21- SAIKAC teams 
  • 18- NESAC/Oasis out of Kingdom teams

Congratulations to all of our student athletes and a big thank you to all our coaches for their incredible effort and support during the year:

Alichia Gerber, Amanda Heckenbach, Antonette Briones, Ashlie Jensen, Cameron Harris, Celeste Guerrero, Celia Selidio, Chona Panuela, Corey Edmondson, David Gibson, Dorelyn Guillermo, Faye Paguio, Felix Gabathuler, Hajer Ben Ali, Harrie Thomson, Jeanelle Andrada, Jen Downey, Jessica Fay, Jessica Odendaal, Kasey Hooter, Kat Oefelein, Kyran Odendaal, Lorin Ressler, Lorna Pechon, Lynzee Crosland, Maissaa Jenblat, Maria Anasco, Marify Sababan, Marissa Archie, Marivic Castillo, Michael Sallings, Michael Sprague, Ned Fortescue, Nourhan Arnaoot, Retief Gerber, Richard Smith, Riley Worth, Shekhah Abdulraheem, and Zeina Jreije.