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High school students taking the technology elective this year were introduced to the field of robotics. In six lessons, they became familiar with the basics of computer science, robotics hardware and software, and learned a programming language.  They saw first hand how STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts can be applied to create a smart robot that can interact with the user based on detecting colors, light and objects and move in different directions based on pre-programmed conditions.

They worked in groups of two, chose their own design and built and programmed their robot.  They created a webpage and shared the process of their work, which included progress videos and the code they wrote.

From concept to creation, we're very proud of our high schoolers’  skills in guided research and problem solving. They are working on another challenge to complete a sumo robot before the end of the school year.

Thanks to Manal Fawaz who taught and supervised the students.