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The American School Dhahran (ASD) is now in its 8th week of the academic school year. At this time, ASD High School is no longer accepting new applications for the 1st semester of the school year 2021-2022.

Applications received before October 10, 2021, will still be processed, reviewed, and evaluated. If accepted, the student’s application will be placed on a “Waitlist” status for the 2nd semester depending on seat availability. The Waitlist status will be re-evaluated only after updated grades and assessments are submitted at the end of the student’s first semester at their current school. Once a student is accepted off the waitlist, the student can enroll at ASD for the second semester.  

The waitlisted students must meet the following conditions:

- Application has already been reviewed and accepted by the Admissions Committee;

- The student has been enrolled in a school for the first semester of this school year;

- Students provide an official final transcript for all high school years attended, including the first semester of this school year (2021-22);

- The student will be ready to commence the second semester in January 2022.

Please continue to visit our website at for updates on 2nd-semester admissions. For any questions, please contact at