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This  past weekend, the DHAMUN XVI Executive Team hosted the first MINIMUN in person after 2 years at the American School of Dhahran. The prestigious Model United Nations club has been running at our school since 2005, and they now celebrate their 16th year anniversary. The purpose of MINIMUN and DHAMUN is effectively summarized by the Secretary General, Khadejah Malik: “We’ve been modelling the United Nations for 16 whole years, not to solely emulate one of the most dynamic organizations in our global community, but to be the model for its future.” 

The delegates, chairs, administrators, and executives came together this Saturday, November 20th seeking  to resolve issues plaguing our global community. They debated and passed a total of 7 resolutions on matters ranging from the inhibition of religious expression to resolving the issue of the uneven distribution and abuse of opioid prescription drugs. All in all, MINIMUN succeeded in motivating old and new delegates alike to have a sense of urgency and advocacy for the global issues that have coexisted among us for our entire lives.    

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