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New ISG Superintendent Search Announcement

Dear ISG Community,

I am pleased to announce the next ISG Superintendent will be Ms. Rhonda Norris and she will be starting her role on August 1, 2024. Please click here to read the full announcement.

I am happy to share our 2023 graduate exam results.  Our seniors across all our schools did an exceptional job, scoring higher than world averages in all areas. Below you will find links to announcements published on our school websites detailing their results:

I would like to remind you that our school calendars have been updated.  Saudi National Day holiday will be on Sunday, September 24, 2023.  All ISG campuses will be closed on that day. We will resume classes on September 25.


Best wishes,

Michael P. Mack

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ISG Superintendent's Message

28 September 2023

Our students, teachers and staff had an eventful week before the long weekend with all the Saudi National Day celebrations on each campus.  It was great to see everyone engage in all the activities and learn about Saudi culture through dance, music, art and food.

ISG Superintendent's Message

21 September 2023

The theme for the 93rd Saudi National Day is “We Dream, We Achieve” and recognizes the Kingdom’s commitment to unity, growth and development.  I wish you all a Happy Saudi National Day and hope you enjoy the festivities this weekend.

ISG Superintendent's Message

14 September 2023

The ISG University Preparatory Program provides our high school students with several services as they begin to prepare for college or university. As we work to expand our program,  I encourage you to attend the different events organized by your child's counselors.