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Morning Message

Good Morning ASD.

How does one move forth with confidence in a world that seems so uncertain?  

Well I believe we grow confident when we accept this uncertainty as what we have been given to work with.  True confidence is not the belief that we will never be challenged, experience pain, anxiety, or that we might never meet with disappointment.  On the contrary, the confident person knows that these are normal stops in the journey towards even the most happy and successful lives.  The confident person can see the possible challenges ahead of them with unflinching realism, but decides that the price of inaction is the same if not more costly than taking action to improve upon our situation.  If we fail, good, we have learned.  The confident person knows that they can indeed get better and that a loss in the moment is simply that...just the moment.  They are not losers.  They a practitioners of courage.  They believe in their own resilience.  They know that critics, naysayers, and haters often never actually do, accomplish, or create anything.  The confident are not brash, foolhardy, or pollyanna.  They just assume they have the strength to tackle whatever life throws at them, just like the billions of people who have come before them.  Confidence is a skill we can all build.  We may even call it our birthright.

As always the advice is free and you don't have to take it.

Be good.

Mr. C

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