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Good Morning ASD

This month we are focusing on building a growth mindset.  A growth mindset is when we believe that through sustained effort we can improve our abilities in any domain.  Many of us naturally have this mindset when we are children, but lose it once we begin to label ourselves as fixed personalities.  I am smart.  I am good at math.  I am terrible at science.  These are all examples of a fixed mindset taking root.  

Instead we want to cultivate a mindset which reminds us that continuous improvement is a result of our efforts and not fixed traits.  It will not always be easy.  Think of how hard it seemed when we first started learning to ride a bike.  For some of us it may have felt impossible.  We may even have thought we would never be able to ride a bike.  But we kept trying until one day....we could do it.  Let us never lose this belief in the power of our potential to learn.  At ASD we believe in our ability to improve even when it seems difficult.  

When have you succeeded because of a growth mindset?  Where do you still hinder your learning because of a fixed mindset?  How can you help those around you practice a growth mindset today?

As always, the advice is free and you don't have to take it.

Be good ASD.

Mr. C 


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