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Good Morning ASD.

The first day of school has arrived.  There is always a mix of excitement and apprehension in the air.  It is normal to feel a bit nervous on the first day of school.  We are trying to figure out our schedules.  We are wondering how often we are going to see our friends.  Perhaps we are looking forward to making new friends.  Of course we are also wondering how challenging our classes will be.  How challenging will my job be this year?  We all have questions.  But we also have the ability to choose our attitude towards meeting these challenges and answering questions.  My own personal approach consists of keeping two key mindsets front and center.   First, stay humble.  Accept that we don't know everything.  We never will.  The goal is to gain experience, perspective, and knowledge.  When this is the goal we ask better questions and learn more from what happens around us.  The second mindset is to be solution focused.  We don't sit too long ruminating.  We don't spend an entire day creating a list of everything that is wrong with our current situation.  Instead we prioritize the things that are within our control.  Then we take steps towards a solution.

It's never perfect.  Obstacles will still come out of nowhere.  But perhaps these mindsets could be a good starting point for a year of exceptional growth.  As always, the advice is free and you don't have to take it.

Be good.

Mr. C 



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