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Morning Message

Happy New Year ASD.

Hopefully you have all had a restful break and are now looking forward to a successful 2022.  For most of us a successful year will mean progress towards personal goals.  It will mean that 2022 was a year of growth.  But how do we plan to achieve our goals?

Whatever our goals are, we must take time to write them down and plan for our own personal growth.  We must all grow as people before we have a chance of accomplishing something other than our current status quo.  We may calendar our school and/or work schedule, but what about calendaring time for our personal growth schedule.  How do we get better at what we do?  How do we gain insight?  How do we improve our relationships?  Who do we want to be and how do we become that?  Take time to figure these things out for yourself.  Then proceed to make 2022 an amazing year.

Be good.

Mr. C

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