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Morning Message

Good Morning ASD.

Leo Tolstoy made a very bold statement when he was asked about the easiest way to tell if an action was good or evil.  He said the following: Only one clear quality marks an action as either good or evil:  If it increases the amount of love in the world, it is good.  If it separates people and creates animosity among them, it is bad.

Tolstoy may have been on to something.  When we look at what societies across the world deem to be good, virtuous, or valued qualities, we find generally widespread agreement.  They tend to be characteristics that promote harmony within a group.  They are the qualities that if each individual practiced them with due diligence would lead to a greater whole.  The qualities we reprimand are the ones that would destroy our social fabric if they became widespread.  

For instance, in practice we might use this knowledge to ask ourselves when we are about to do something against our best instincts "What would happen if everyone acted the way I am about to?"   What actions do we take in our daily lives that bring us closer to others?  How do we live our day to day lives in such a way that benefits the whole?  What ideas do we harbor, promote, or spread that do more to create animosity between others instead of cohesion?  

As always, the advice is free and you don't have to take it.

Be good.

Mr. C

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