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Morning Message

Good Morning ASD.

In the anime series Haikyuu! a volleyball player named Shinsuke Kita tells his fellow players the secret to his talent.  He tells them that he is simply the byproduct of the work he does every single day.  Mindblown!!!  There is no substitute for hardwork.  We have all heard this before.  But we have also heard that we should work smarter, not harder.  Experience has led me to believe that hard work is the predecessor to the wisdom necessary to decide what working smarter looks like.  In fact, in most endeavors simple commitment to higher and higher quality repetitions is the smartest strategy.  This of course means committing ourselves to initially hard work that will get easier over time.  

We are constantly looking and hoping for the ultimate hack.  We seek the shortcut.  But what if we stopped looking for the hack?  What if we accepted that the fastest way toward what we want out of life does not entail the easy and obstacle free path?  Our best life may entail good planning, hard work, reflection, adjustments, and repetition.  We will be the byproducts of this formula performed on a daily basis.  

As always the advice is free and you don't have to take it.

Be good.

Mr. C

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