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Good Morning from Mr. C

Good Morning DHS.

This message is a little later than usual because today is Mother's Day in the USA.  We got up this morning and made breakfast in bed for the mother of the house.  I want to send out special thanks and gratitude to all mothers.

The question for reflection this morning was Will I Seize the Day?  When we hear this phrase "seize the day" we readily imagine a day in which all work duties are accomplished.  We might imagine every assignment being completed.  No task was left undone.  Reflecting on my morning I think it is important to remember that when we seize the day we not forget the human element as well.  Let us seize the day by also making sure to show gratitude for the people in our lives.  Seize the day by having rewarding interactions with the people you see.  Seize the day by making sure that if you love someone, they know it.  

As always the advice is free and you don't have to take it.


Be good.

Mr. C

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Good Morning from Mr. C

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