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Good Morning from Mr. C

Good Morning DHS.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We should wish our seniors well and say congratulations to them as we have entered their graduation week.  In these last two weeks of school we are attempting to finish strong.  We are tying up loose ends.  We are summoning the strength to give the last sprint of effort before we go off onto our well deserved summer holiday.  Often the end of the school year is met with a surge of stress and uncertainty.  Some of us will have let certain things come down to the wire.  Perhaps we have been assigned certain tasks that must be accomplished before the school year ends.

Something that I have learned to do when I become faced with tasks that begin to look overwhelming, is to ask a simple question.  What would this look like if it was easy?  What would it look like if the essential work could be accomplished with less effort?  Our bias is always to work hard.  When that doesn't work, we figure we should just grind harder.  But what if you are missing what is elegantly simple?  What if instead of assuming that complexity and grand efforts are what's needed, we changed our perception.  It bears fruit for me whenever I spend time with these questions.  Perhaps it can do the same for you.

As always the advice is free and you don't have to take it.


Be good.

Mr. C

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