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Good Morning From Mr. C

Good Morning DHS.

I am grateful for another beautiful morning.  During my walk today I thought about what my final message of the year would be.  Simplicity is best.  It has been a year unlike any other that I have experienced.  When we began in August very few of us anticipated an entire year of Virtual School.  It has had its challenges but we hope that it has been filled with learning as well.  What a shame it would be if we failed to gain wisdom from such adversity?  But wisdom is gained primarily through attention to experience, listening to others, and practicing self reflection.

The main goal of the messages I send to the school every Sunday and Thursday is to inspire self reflection.  As I develop conditional answers to life's challenges I hope that by sharing my thoughts some of you may begin to clarify your own philosophies of life.  Besides telling people what I have learned I am ever so grateful when a student, teacher, or even a parent responds with their own reflections.  We learn together.  Over time I have been able to distill my own personal philosophy into four tenets that resurface consistently.

1.  In all things be clear about what is up to you and what is not up to you.  Focus on what is up to you.

2.  Don't do anything to another person that you would find hateful if it was done to you.

3.  Try not to lie, especially not to yourself.

4.  Whatever situation you find yourself in attempt to do the right thing, even when it is difficult.

This may change as life teaches me more, but this is what it has been and what it is for now.  I would love to hear what you all have learned this year.  What central beliefs seem more important to you than ever?  What are the tenets of your own philosophy of life?  If you haven't yet developed one, it could be a worthwhile summer project.  It could be a worthwhile life project.  

As always, the advice is free and you don't have to take it.


Be good.

Mr. C

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