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Thursday Reflection

Happy Thursday ASD.

Throughout the week I was able to see a few of you on campus.  It was great to engage in some funny conversations and some serious conversations.  One conversation I had was about what the best single superpower would be.  Another was about doing well in school, being tired at school, but still doing well in class.  A group of students expressed their love of romance novels.  The most exciting event of the week was no doubt the arm wrestling match I engaged in during the middle school lunch.  

I am grateful for every one of those experiences.  When we get tired, we should remember to be grateful.  When we get a little anxious, we should remember to be grateful.  When we start telling ourselves that no one has it harder than us, we should remember to be grateful.  You will hear me say it over and again throughout your time at ASD.  Make time to practice gratitude.  Do it every morning if you can.  Then every night before you go to bed if you remember.  I can't be certain it will make your life better.  I believe it will.  But I can say with confidence that it will not make your life worse.  So why not give it a try.  Make it a practice.  We benefit more than ourselves when we are filled with gratitude.

Be good ASD.  Have a great weekend.

Mr. C 

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