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Thursday Reflection

Happy Thursday ASD.

Hopefully everyone has had a good week at school.  If you took the message on Sunday seriously you may have tried to prioritize your tasks this week.  Someone asked me "But what if what is most important to us isn't the stuff we know we should be doing?"  That is a tough situation.  It is also one that will plague us throughout our lives.  There will always be times in which we need to do things that we don't want to at the moment.  But a strategy that I use to deal with the desire for dealing with the immediate gratification of doing anything other than what I need to do is...delay.

If I know I need to get something done and I start telling myself "Ah Ronnie just sit on the couch and watch Netflix."  I just say back to myself, " Not right now.  Let's do this right now and we'll watch Netflix later."  It's time to go to the gym and that little voice wants to rest.  I tell the voice "Ok but let's rest tomorrow."  I'm trying to eat right but the double chocolate chip cookies are calling to me.  I say," I see you double chocolate chip cookies, but not today.  Let's get together on Friday."  If we try not to give in to the instant gratification of the moment, we often find that we didn't need it in the first place.  Long term we are happier for not having indulged.  And of course if it keeps nagging me for two or three days in a row then maybe it's time for a little rest or a double chocolate chip cookie.  But the delay makes it all the sweeter and all the more restful, because it is the exception, not the rule.

As always the advice is free and you don't have to take it.  Have a great weekend ASD.  Be kind.  Be generous.  And of course....Be Good.

Mr. C

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