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Thursday Reflection

Happy Thursday ASD.

As we move forward to cultivate a growth mindset we will encounter challenging situations.  Learning can be uncomfortable.  We will need to do hard things.  But we shouldn't be disheartened by the fact that we are challenged.  Doing hard things is necessary to grow stronger.  Challenges are the gateway to our desired destination.  Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe was a poet, playwright, novelist, scientist, statesman, theater director, critic, and amateur artist.  He once said," Everything is hard before it is easy."  No one ever told him about the idea of a growth mindset, but he definitely had a growth mindset.  His accomplishments are the evidence.  As you work over the course of this school year, do not be discouraged when things get hard.  Know that your brain is growing like a muscle.  Big gains are just around the corner.  Don't quit.  Believe in yourself.  You've overcome hard things before and you will do it again.

Where have you already had this experience in your life?  When was there a time you almost gave up at something difficult, but eventually found success?  How can you apply the same frame of mind to different domains of your life?

Be good and have a great weekend.

Mr. C



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