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Happy Thursday ASD.

Here is a story for you.  On the first day of school long ago in Houston, TX, Wesley Jenkins walked into his first day of Algebra 2.  He pulled his hoodie over his head tightly and sat in a corner.  The teacher, Mr. Weatherby, had a great reputation around school but Wesley still sat in the back because Wesley "knew" he was terrible at math.  A few minutes into the class Mr. Weatherby put a practice problem on the board.  He asked Wesley to come up to the board and solve the problem.  Wesley didn't move.  He was frozen in his chair.  Some of the students who never had a chance to study the ASD Civility Code snickered and said ,"That's Wesley Jenkins.  He has a twin named Lesley.  He's the dumb twin."  Mr. Weatherby told the students that they were being inappropriate and that no one would be treated that way in his classroom.

Wesley nodded his head and said," But what they said is true sir.  I can't do this stuff."

Mr. Weatherby looked at Wesley for a few seconds and then spoke," Don't say that about yourself. one's opinion of you should ever determine your reality.  You decide your worth and what you can or cannot do."  For some reason, that day Wesley believed Mr. Weatherby.  From that point forward his life was different.  Wesley Jenkins found success in life that he had not previously thought achievable.

What beliefs do you have about yourself that are keeping you from achieving what you want to achieve?  What is keeping you from trying?  Who's opinions are you letting cloud your mind?  We must be too busy moving forward, learning, and growing to be encumbered by the uninformed opinions of those standing still.  We can only fail if we never try.  We begin moving down a chosen path.  As we are growing we may find more paths that open up to us.  Let's get started. Sometimes you have to believe in someone until they believe in themselves.  I believe in you ASD.  Let's have a great year.

Be good.

Mr. C



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