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Thursday Reflection

Happy Winter Holidays ASD.

We have made it to the winter break.  One more day of honest work and we will have all earned our rest in the coming weeks.  This is a great time to reflect on what has happened over the last 4 months.  What went well?  Keep doing that.  What didn't go so well?  Stop doing that or make a correction.  What and who are we grateful for?  Tell the person.  As we are all away from school for the next three weeks I wanted to leave you with the following quotes:

Everything which can make us better and happier was given to us by nature.  If our conscience is clear, then nothing can harm us.-- Epictetus

They who have decided to dedicate their lives to spiritual progress will never be dissatisfied or unhappy, because all that they want is in their power.-- Blaise Pascal

The greater the effort a person makes to achieve instant gratification and pleasure, the less possible it is for him to possess real goodness, or love-- Leo Tolstoy

Hopefully these give you something to ponder, write about, or aspire to.  

Be good ASD.  Have a wonderful holiday.

Mr. C  

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