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At American School Dhahran, our primary goals are; to create as many extramural and competitive sport opportunities as possible for our students by offering a diversified well managed extramural program, to educate our student-athletes on the values and the innate benefit of sport participation and the spirit of team play.

ASD believes that competitive sport builds character and promotes the social and physical development of participants.

The student comes first in “Student Athlete” and our coaches are Educators first and should be role models for athletes, fostering positive attitudes, teamwork and respect of rules. We encourage our students to strive for a well balanced educational experience.

Academics takes precedence over sports and we expect our student athletes to be academically sound. Our “Academic Eligibility” and “Student Behavior” policies will be a factor when teams are selected. ASD expect our student athletes to be excellent ambassadors of our school with setting the best example on and off the court at tournaments.

Winning and losing is part of competitive sport, although we intend to continue to encourage a winning attitude we also promote to our student athletes; self- control,losing with dignity, winning with integrity and to showcase excellent sportsmanship at all times.