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All students are required to complete the course selection form which is available online. Students are reminded to choose their classes carefully. Courses should be chosen that will fulfill ASD graduation requirements and challenge and prepare students for their future in colleges and universities. Therefore, when selecting courses, we encourage students to consider both graduation and college/university education requirements.

Counselors make every effort to aid students in planning high school academic plans, projecting these plans towards long-term college and career goals. Students will be scheduled into the requested classes unless those classes are filled, the course does not meet the student’s graduation requirements, the student does not meet the course prerequisites, the course does not fit the student’s schedule, or the course has since been canceled.

Please review the course descriptions and prerequisites which are in the course catalog before completing the course selection form. The course catalog helps students and parents make the best choices as students prepare to make their course requests. We must emphasize that students must meet prerequisites before they can enroll in certain courses as described in the course catalog.

Students select their required and elective courses for the entire year including alternate elective choices on the Course Request Worksheet (CRW). In the event that some elective classes are filled, students will be enrolled in their alternate choices as space is available.

Students will not receive credits for repeating a course that was passed previously with the exception of some courses (i.e. Physical Education and Fine Arts courses) as indicated in the course catalog.

The need for schedule adjustments are kept to a minimum.

Valid reasons for requesting an adjustment are:

  1. Graduation requirement needs;
  2. Prerequisite has not been met;
  3. Did not sign up for the course;
  4. Counselor recommendation. 

Adding and dropping courses will be allowed only during the first week of the school year. Please note that in the case of AP classes, once approved for enrollment, it is the expectation of ASD that a commitment to the course is made for the full year and that students will sit for the AP College board exams in May.



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