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AP/IB Comparison Information - 2020

The AP Capstone program seeks to develop students who are university-ready. In addition to four discipline-specific courses, students take two additional courses, AP Seminar and AP Research. These courses aim to develop students capable of productive collaboration, independent inquiry, and clear communication.

Students may take any four AP courses during their four years of high school. In addition to these four subject-area courses, students take AP Seminar in Grade 11. AP Seminar is a foundation course that involves teamwork, critical thinking, analysis, and presentation skills. Both written and verbal communication are emphasized. Students conduct research and present group and individual presentations. Then, in Grade 12, students take AP Research, which involves a year-long, in-depth study of a research topic of their choice. Students can choose an interdisciplinary topic or a topic relevant to their future area of university study. Students seek the assistance of an expert in the field and conduct discipline-specific research. The student’s research culminates in a 5,000-word essay, presentation, and oral defense.

The AP Capstone Diploma offers students the chance to acquire college-level skills and to develop specialized knowledge in areas of interest. They develop the ability to analyze multiple perspectives, develop logical arguments, and communicate effectively, skills that universities seek in highly-qualified candidates.


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